The SEO Formula That Never Fails and How To Make SEO Work For You

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It’s not rocket science, it’s not voodoo or magic, it’s not technical and it’s not a list of best practices. It is simply a frame of mind, a simple rule of thumb that every thing you do MUST BE MEASURED AGAINST TO SURVIVE.

This is something you have heard many times, and is probably not a deep insight… but it is worth repeating.

The Secret to successful SEO is actually the secret to successful branding, marketing, and business.

A Compelling Unique Selling Proposition – “Something So Special and Unique About Your Business That Compels People To Gravitate To You Like A Powerful Magnetic!”

That’s my definition of a USP, but the reality is… that is the bar you need to be measuring all your SEO efforts against.

Every single page on your website, every piece of content you create, every link you place should measure up to the Question, “How Is This Webpage/Content/Link So Special and Unique that it compels people to gravitate to it like a powerful magnet.”

Sure, you need to make sure Googlebot can crawl and index your site, and you need to label your content and images in a descriptive and informative way, but what you really need to ask yourself is… How Does This ADD VALUE?

I know it’s hard. Being different always is. Rising above is not supposed to be easy.


If You Want To Succeed In Content Marketing or SEO or Inbound Marketing, or Succeed in Building a Sustainable and Valuable Business… MAKE SURE TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF! …………or die :(

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